Directory, community, property & holidays for Costa Calida Spain

Directory, community, property & holidays for Costa Calida Spain

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Banks in Abanilla

Banks in AbaranDentists in AbaranSupermarkets in Abaran

(find Aguilas on the Murcia Map)
Banks in AguilasBars & Cafe Bars in AguilasCar Dealers & Repairs in AguilasCar Hire in AguilasCaravan & Camping Sites in Aguilas
Diving Centres in AguilasEstate Agents in AguilasHoliday Rentals in AguilasHotels in AguilasLingerie Shops in Aguilas
Long Term Rentals in AguilasMortgage Services in AguilasNight Clubs in AguilasProperty For Sale in AguilasProperty Inspection Tours in Aguilas
Property Maintenance in AguilasProperty Management in AguilasRental Agents in AguilasRestaurants in AguilasShopping Centres in Aguilas
Short Breaks in AguilasSupermarkets in AguilasTourist Attractions in AguilasToy Shops in Aguilas

Banks in AlcantarillaCharities in AlcantarillaLingerie Shops in AlcantarillaSupermarkets in Alcantarilla

(find Aledo on the Murcia Map)
Banks in AledoChurches in AledoHiking & Climbing in AledoMotor Sports in AledoProperty For Sale in Aledo
Restaurants in AledoTown Halls in Aledo

(find Alguazas on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Alguazas

Alhama de Murcia
(find Alhama de Murcia on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Alhama de MurciaCar Dealers & Repairs in Alhama de MurciaCaravan & Camping Sites in Alhama de MurciaChurches in Alhama de MurciaCleaners in Alhama de Murcia
Cycling & Cycle Hire in Alhama de MurciaDIY/Hardware Shops in Alhama de MurciaExpatriate Services in Alhama de MurciaFurniture Shops in Alhama de MurciaHealth, Diet & Beauty in Alhama de Murcia
Horse Riding & Racing in Alhama de MurciaInsurance Services in Alhama de MurciaLand For Sale in Alhama de MurciaMetal Work in Alhama de MurciaPharmacies in Alhama de Murcia
Printers & Graphics in Alhama de MurciaProperty For Sale in Alhama de MurciaSchools & Colleges in Alhama de MurciaSoft Furnishing Shops in Alhama de MurciaSupermarkets in Alhama de Murcia
Town Halls in Alhama de MurciaTravel Agents in Alhama de MurciaVets in Alhama de MurciaVideo & DVD Rentals in Alhama de Murcia

Banks in ArchenaDentists in Archena

(find Balsicas on the Murcia Map)
Art & Craft Shops in BalsicasBanks in BalsicasDIY/Hardware Shops in BalsicasProperty For Sale in BalsicasRestaurants in Balsicas
Schools & Colleges in BalsicasSoft Furnishing Shops in BalsicasSports & Sportswear Shops in BalsicasSupermarkets in Balsicas

(find Beniel on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Beniel

(find Blanca on the Murcia Map)
Banks in BlancaDentists in Blanca

(find Bolnuevo on the Murcia Map)
Bars & Cafe Bars in BolnuevoCaravan & Camping Sites in BolnuevoChurches in BolnuevoEstate Agents in BolnuevoFlorists & Garden Centres in Bolnuevo
Gift & Novelty Shops in BolnuevoHoliday Rentals in BolnuevoHotels in BolnuevoLong Term Rentals in BolnuevoPharmacies in Bolnuevo
Property For Sale in BolnuevoRestaurants in BolnuevoSchools & Colleges in BolnuevoSupermarkets in Bolnuevo

(find Bullas on the Murcia Map)
Banks in BullasChurches in BullasDIY/Hardware Shops in BullasElectrical Shops in BullasEstate Agents in Bullas
Health, Diet & Beauty in BullasMedical Centres in BullasPharmacies in BullasProperty For Sale in BullasSchools & Colleges in Bullas
Sports & Sportswear Shops in BullasTourist Attractions in BullasTown Halls in BullasToy Shops in Bullas

Cabo de Palos
(find Cabo de Palos on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Cabo de PalosBoat & Marine Sales in Cabo de PalosChurches in Cabo de PalosDiving Centres in Cabo de PalosEstate Agents in Cabo de Palos
Holiday Rentals in Cabo de PalosLong Term Rentals in Cabo de PalosProperty For Sale in Cabo de PalosRestaurants in Cabo de PalosSupermarkets in Cabo de Palos
Vets in Cabo de Palos

(find Calabardina on the Murcia Map)
Catering in CalabardinaDiving Centres in CalabardinaProperty For Sale in CalabardinaRental Agents in CalabardinaRestaurants in Calabardina

(find Calasparra on the Murcia Map)
Banks in CalasparraChurches in CalasparraElectrical Shops in CalasparraItems Offered in CalasparraProperty For Sale in Calasparra
Schools & Colleges in CalasparraTourist Attractions in CalasparraToy Shops in Calasparra

(find Calnegre on the Murcia Map)
Bars & Cafe Bars in CalnegreLand For Sale in Calnegre

Campos del Rio
(find Campos del Rio on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Campos del Rio

(find Canteras on the Murcia Map)
Banks in CanterasBars & Cafe Bars in CanterasChurches in CanterasEstate Agents in CanterasFlorists & Garden Centres in Canteras
Gyms in CanterasMedical Centres in CanterasOpticians in CanterasSchools & Colleges in CanterasSupermarkets in Canteras
Vets in Canteras

Caravaca de la Cruz
(find Caravaca de la Cruz on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Caravaca de la CruzBars & Cafe Bars in Caravaca de la CruzCar Dealers & Repairs in Caravaca de la CruzChurches in Caravaca de la CruzElectrical Shops in Caravaca de la Cruz
Estate Agents in Caravaca de la CruzFashion & Clothing Shops in Caravaca de la CruzHomeware Shops in Caravaca de la CruzOpticians in Caravaca de la CruzProperty For Sale in Caravaca de la Cruz
Restaurants in Caravaca de la CruzSchools & Colleges in Caravaca de la CruzSupermarkets in Caravaca de la CruzTourist Attractions in Caravaca de la CruzTown Halls in Caravaca de la Cruz
Toy Shops in Caravaca de la Cruz

(find Cartagena on the Murcia Map)
Antique Shops in CartagenaArtists & Galleries in CartagenaBanks in CartagenaBars & Cafe Bars in CartagenaCar Dealers & Repairs in Cartagena
Car Hire in CartagenaChurches in CartagenaCinemas in CartagenaCurrency Exchangers in CartagenaDIY/Hardware Shops in Cartagena
Fashion & Clothing Shops in CartagenaFurniture Shops in CartagenaGift & Novelty Shops in CartagenaHair & Nail Salons in CartagenaHealth, Diet & Beauty in Cartagena
Hospitals in CartagenaHotels in CartagenaLand For Sale in CartagenaLanguage Schools in CartagenaLingerie Shops in Cartagena
Long Term Rentals in CartagenaMarinas in CartagenaMedical Centres in CartagenaNight Clubs in CartagenaOffice Services in Cartagena
Property For Sale in CartagenaProperty Maintenance in CartagenaRestaurants in CartagenaSailing & Surfing in CartagenaSchools & Colleges in Cartagena
Security & Alarms in CartagenaShoe Shops in CartagenaShopping Centres in CartagenaSoft Furnishing Shops in CartagenaSports & Sportswear Shops in Cartagena
Supermarkets in CartagenaTourist Attractions in CartagenaTourist Information in CartagenaToy Shops in CartagenaTranslation Services in Cartagena

(find Cehegin on the Murcia Map)
Banks in CeheginBars & Cafe Bars in CeheginChurches in CeheginFashion & Clothing Shops in CeheginProperty For Sale in Cehegin
Supermarkets in CeheginTown Halls in CeheginToy Shops in Cehegin

(find Ceuti on the Murcia Map)
Banks in CeutiBars & Cafe Bars in CeutiChildrens Clothing Shops in CeutiDentists in CeutiHotels in Ceuti
Insurance Services in CeutiRestaurants in CeutiSupermarkets in CeutiTourist Attractions in CeutiVets in Ceuti

(find Cieza on the Murcia Map)
Artists & Galleries in CiezaBanks in CiezaCar Dealers & Repairs in CiezaDentists in CiezaEstate Agents in Cieza
Fashion & Clothing Shops in CiezaSupermarkets in CiezaTourist Information in Cieza

(find Dolores on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Dolores

El Algar
(find El Algar on the Murcia Map)
Banks in El AlgarCar Dealers & Repairs in El AlgarCommercial Property in El AlgarDIY/Hardware Shops in El AlgarDJs and Entertainers in El Algar
Long Term Rentals in El AlgarOpticians in El AlgarProperty For Sale in El AlgarSpecialists in El AlgarTranslation Services in El Algar

El Mirador
(find El Mirador on the Murcia Map)
Banks in El Mirador

El Portus
(find El Portus on the Murcia Map)
Caravan & Camping Sites in El PortusSailing & Surfing in El Portus

Estacion de Blanca
(find Estacion de Blanca on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Estacion de Blanca

(find Fortuna on the Murcia Map)
Banks in FortunaCaravan & Camping Sites in FortunaDentists in FortunaProperty For Sale in Fortuna

Fuente Alamo
(find Fuente Alamo on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Fuente AlamoCharities in Fuente AlamoCommercial Property in Fuente AlamoProperty For Sale in Fuente Alamo

Isla Plana
(find Isla Plana on the Murcia Map)
Caravan & Camping Sites in Isla PlanaHoliday Rentals in Isla PlanaLong Term Rentals in Isla PlanaProperty For Sale in Isla PlanaRental Agents in Isla Plana
Translation Services in Isla Plana

Islas Menores

(find Jumilla on the Murcia Map)
Accountants & Advisors in JumillaBanks in JumillaBars & Cafe Bars in JumillaBuilding Services in JumillaCar Dealers & Repairs in Jumilla
Computer Shops in JumillaDentists in JumillaEstate Agents in JumillaFashion & Clothing Shops in JumillaHair & Nail Salons in Jumilla
Homeware Shops in JumillaInsurance Services in JumillaJewellery/Accessory Shops in JumillaMortgage Services in JumillaProperty For Sale in Jumilla
Supermarkets in JumillaVets in JumillaVideo & DVD Rentals in Jumilla

La Alcayna - Altorreal - Los Conejos
(find La Alcayna - Altorreal - Los Conejos on the Murcia Map)
Banks in La Alcayna - Altorreal - Los ConejosClubs & Associations in La Alcayna - Altorreal - Los ConejosHair & Nail Salons in La Alcayna - Altorreal - Los ConejosOpticians in La Alcayna - Altorreal - Los ConejosParty Organisers in La Alcayna - Altorreal - Los Conejos
Restaurants in La Alcayna - Altorreal - Los ConejosShopping Centres in La Alcayna - Altorreal - Los ConejosSupermarkets in La Alcayna - Altorreal - Los Conejos

La Azohia
(find La Azohia on the Murcia Map)
Churches in La AzohiaHoliday Rentals in La AzohiaHotels in La AzohiaProperty For Sale in La Azohia

La Manga Del Mar Menor
(find La Manga Del Mar Menor on the Murcia Map)
Banks in La Manga Del Mar MenorBeach Bars & Chiringuitos in La Manga Del Mar MenorBoat & Yacht Brokers in La Manga Del Mar MenorBowling Clubs in La Manga Del Mar MenorBuilding Services in La Manga Del Mar Menor
Businesses For Sale in La Manga Del Mar MenorChurches in La Manga Del Mar MenorDentists in La Manga Del Mar MenorEstate Agents in La Manga Del Mar MenorExpatriate Services in La Manga Del Mar Menor
Fashion & Clothing Shops in La Manga Del Mar MenorGift & Novelty Shops in La Manga Del Mar MenorHoliday Rentals in La Manga Del Mar MenorHotels in La Manga Del Mar MenorLand For Sale in La Manga Del Mar Menor
Long Term Rentals in La Manga Del Mar MenorOther Sports in La Manga Del Mar MenorParty Organisers in La Manga Del Mar MenorPharmacies in La Manga Del Mar MenorProperty For Sale in La Manga Del Mar Menor
Rental Agents in La Manga Del Mar MenorRestaurants in La Manga Del Mar MenorSailing & Surfing in La Manga Del Mar MenorSchools & Colleges in La Manga Del Mar MenorSecurity & Alarms in La Manga Del Mar Menor
Shoe Shops in La Manga Del Mar MenorSoft Furnishing Shops in La Manga Del Mar MenorTourist Attractions in La Manga Del Mar MenorTourist Information in La Manga Del Mar MenorTravel Agents in La Manga Del Mar Menor

La Parroquia
(find La Parroquia on the Murcia Map)
Banks in La ParroquiaProperty For Sale in La Parroquia

La Union
(find La Union on the Murcia Map)
Banks in La UnionBook Shops in La UnionCar Dealers & Repairs in La UnionEstate Agents in La UnionHealth Shops in La Union
Holiday Rentals in La UnionPharmacies in La UnionProperty For Sale in La UnionRestaurants in La UnionSchools & Colleges in La Union
Supermarkets in La UnionTourist Information in La UnionTown Halls in La Union

Las Torres de Cotillas
(find Las Torres de Cotillas on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Las Torres de Cotillas

(find Librilla on the Murcia Map)
Baby & Maternity Shops in LibrillaBanks in LibrillaChurches in LibrillaDIY/Hardware Shops in LibrillaFashion & Clothing Shops in Librilla
Jewellery/Accessory Shops in LibrillaPharmacies in LibrillaShoe Shops in LibrillaSupermarkets in LibrillaTown Halls in Librilla

Lo Pagan
(find Lo Pagan on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Lo PaganCatering in Lo PaganCycling & Cycle Hire in Lo PaganFurniture Shops in Lo PaganMarinas in Lo Pagan
Property For Sale in Lo PaganRestaurants in Lo PaganSupermarkets in Lo Pagan

(find Lorca on the Murcia Map)
Alternative Medicine in LorcaBanks in LorcaBed & Breakfast in LorcaBoat & Marine Sales in LorcaCar Dealers & Repairs in Lorca
Car Hire in LorcaChurches in LorcaElectrical Shops in LorcaEstate Agents in LorcaFashion & Clothing Shops in Lorca
Florists & Garden Centres in LorcaFurniture Shops in LorcaGyms in LorcaHealth Shops in LorcaHealth, Diet & Beauty in Lorca
Hotels in LorcaLand For Sale in LorcaLingerie Shops in LorcaPrinters & Graphics in LorcaProperty For Sale in Lorca
Restaurants in LorcaSchools & Colleges in LorcaShopping Centres in LorcaSupermarkets in LorcaTourist Attractions in Lorca
Tourist Information in LorcaTown Halls in LorcaToy Shops in LorcaVideo & DVD Rentals in Lorca

(find Lorqui on the Murcia Map)
Banks in LorquiItems Offered in LorquiProperty For Sale in Lorqui

Los Alcazares
(find Los Alcazares on the Murcia Map)
Alternative Medicine in Los AlcazaresBanks in Los AlcazaresBars & Cafe Bars in Los AlcazaresBeach Bars & Chiringuitos in Los AlcazaresBrokers & Investors in Los Alcazares
Car Hire in Los AlcazaresCare & Nursing Homes in Los AlcazaresCars & Bikes For Sale in Los AlcazaresCommercial Property in Los AlcazaresCurrency Exchangers in Los Alcazares
Estate Agents in Los AlcazaresFashion & Clothing Shops in Los AlcazaresFurniture Shops in Los AlcazaresHoliday Rentals in Los AlcazaresInternet Cafes in Los Alcazares
Jewellery/Accessory Shops in Los AlcazaresJobs & Job Vacancies in Los AlcazaresLingerie Shops in Los AlcazaresLong Term Rentals in Los AlcazaresMarinas in Los Alcazares
Office Services in Los AlcazaresPostal & Courier Services in Los AlcazaresPremises To Let in Los AlcazaresProperty For Sale in Los AlcazaresProperty Management in Los Alcazares
Rental Agents in Los AlcazaresRestaurants in Los AlcazaresSpecialist Holidays in Los AlcazaresSupermarkets in Los AlcazaresTourist Information in Los Alcazares
Town Halls in Los AlcazaresTranslation Services in Los Alcazares

Los Belones
(find Los Belones on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Los BelonesBars & Cafe Bars in Los BelonesCaravan & Camping Sites in Los BelonesChurches in Los BelonesCommercial Property in Los Belones
Estate Agents in Los BelonesFurniture Shops in Los BelonesHoliday Rentals in Los BelonesJobs & Job Vacancies in Los BelonesLong Term Rentals in Los Belones
Medical Centres in Los BelonesPrinters & Graphics in Los BelonesProperty For Sale in Los BelonesProperty Management in Los BelonesRestaurants in Los Belones
Schools & Colleges in Los BelonesSports & Sportswear Shops in Los BelonesSupermarkets in Los Belones

Los Narejos
(find Los Narejos on the Murcia Map)
Businesses For Sale in Los NarejosHoliday Rentals in Los NarejosLong Term Rentals in Los NarejosProperty For Sale in Los NarejosTourist Information in Los Narejos

Los Nietos
(find Los Nietos on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Los NietosEstate Agents in Los NietosLong Term Rentals in Los NietosPharmacies in Los NietosProperty For Sale in Los Nietos
Restaurants in Los NietosSailing & Surfing in Los NietosSchools & Colleges in Los Nietos

Los Urrutias
(find Los Urrutias on the Murcia Map)
Cleaners in Los UrrutiasDIY/Hardware Shops in Los UrrutiasEstate Agents in Los UrrutiasHoliday Rentals in Los UrrutiasLong Term Rentals in Los Urrutias
Marinas in Los UrrutiasProperty For Sale in Los Urrutias

Mar de Cristal
(find Mar de Cristal on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Mar de CristalDentists in Mar de CristalEstate Agents in Mar de CristalExpatriate Services in Mar de CristalHoliday Rentals in Mar de Cristal
Jewellery/Accessory Shops in Mar de CristalLong Term Rentals in Mar de CristalMarinas in Mar de CristalMobile Phone Shops in Mar de CristalProperty For Sale in Mar de Cristal
Supermarkets in Mar de Cristal

(find Mazarron on the Murcia Map)
Artists & Galleries in MazarronBanks in MazarronBars & Cafe Bars in MazarronCar Hire in MazarronCD, DVD & Game Shops in Mazarron
Currency Exchangers in MazarronDIY/Hardware Shops in MazarronDJs and Entertainers in MazarronEstate Agents in MazarronFashion & Clothing Shops in Mazarron
Funeral Directors in MazarronGyms in MazarronHeating & Solar in MazarronHoliday Rentals in MazarronInternet Cafes in Mazarron
Jobs & Job Vacancies in MazarronLong Term Rentals in MazarronMarinas in MazarronMotability Shops in MazarronOther Sports in Mazarron
Property For Sale in MazarronProperty Maintenance in MazarronProperty Management in MazarronRestaurants in MazarronSchools & Colleges in Mazarron
Specialist Services in MazarronSupermarkets in MazarronTourist Information in MazarronTown Halls in MazarronToy Shops in Mazarron
Vets in Mazarron

Molina de Segura
(find Molina de Segura on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Molina de SeguraCar Dealers & Repairs in Molina de SeguraClubs & Associations in Molina de SeguraDentists in Molina de SeguraDIY/Hardware Shops in Molina de Segura
Fashion & Clothing Shops in Molina de SeguraFurniture Shops in Molina de SeguraHealth, Diet & Beauty in Molina de SeguraKitchen & Bathrooms in Molina de SeguraLanguage Schools in Molina de Segura
Lingerie Shops in Molina de SeguraNight Clubs in Molina de SeguraPrinters & Graphics in Molina de SeguraSecurity & Alarms in Molina de SeguraShopping Centres in Molina de Segura
Soft Furnishing Shops in Molina de SeguraSupermarkets in Molina de SeguraToy Shops in Molina de Segura

Banks in MoratallaElectrical Shops in MoratallaHotels in MoratallaLand For Sale in MoratallaProperty For Sale in Moratalla

(find Mula on the Murcia Map)
Banks in MulaBars & Cafe Bars in MulaChurches in MulaCurrency Exchangers in MulaFashion & Clothing Shops in Mula
Property For Sale in MulaSports & Sportswear Shops in MulaSupermarkets in MulaTourist Information in MulaTown Halls in Mula
Toy Shops in Mula

Murcia City
(find Murcia City on the Murcia Map)
Alternative Medicine in Murcia CityAntique Shops in Murcia CityArtists & Galleries in Murcia CityBanks in Murcia CityBars & Cafe Bars in Murcia City
Building Services in Murcia CityCar Dealers & Repairs in Murcia CityChurches in Murcia CityCinemas in Murcia CityClubs & Associations in Murcia City
Computer Shops in Murcia CityCurrency Exchangers in Murcia CityDentists in Murcia CityDIY/Hardware Shops in Murcia CityElectrical Shops in Murcia City
Estate Agents in Murcia CityFashion & Clothing Shops in Murcia CityFlorists & Garden Centres in Murcia CityFlying & Aero sports in Murcia CityFurniture Shops in Murcia City
Gift & Novelty Shops in Murcia CityHealth, Diet & Beauty in Murcia CityHeating & Solar in Murcia CityHoliday Rentals in Murcia CityHospitals in Murcia City
Hotels in Murcia CityInsurance Services in Murcia CityInterior Design in Murcia CityJewellery/Accessory Shops in Murcia CityKitchen & Bathrooms in Murcia City
Land For Sale in Murcia CityLanguage Schools in Murcia CityLingerie Shops in Murcia CityLong Term Rentals in Murcia CityMetal Work in Murcia City
Night Clubs in Murcia CityOpticians in Murcia CityPhotographers in Murcia CityPrinters & Graphics in Murcia CityProperty For Sale in Murcia City
Property Maintenance in Murcia CityProperty Management in Murcia CityRental Agents in Murcia CityRestaurants in Murcia CitySecurity & Alarms in Murcia City
Shoe Shops in Murcia CityShopping Centres in Murcia CitySoft Furnishing Shops in Murcia CitySolicitor & Abogados in Murcia CitySports & Sportswear Shops in Murcia City
Supermarkets in Murcia CityTourist Attractions in Murcia CityTourist Information in Murcia CityTown Halls in Murcia CityToy Shops in Murcia City
Travel Agents in Murcia CityVideo & DVD Rentals in Murcia CityWindows, Blinds & Awnings in Murcia City

(find Pliego on the Murcia Map)
Accountants & Advisors in PliegoBanks in PliegoBars & Cafe Bars in PliegoCar Dealers & Repairs in PliegoFurniture Shops in Pliego
Insurance Services in PliegoKitchen & Bathrooms in PliegoRestaurants in PliegoSupermarkets in Pliego

Puerto de Mazarron
(find Puerto de Mazarron on the Murcia Map)
Accountants & Advisors in Puerto de MazarronBanks in Puerto de MazarronBed & Breakfast in Puerto de MazarronBook Shops in Puerto de MazarronCaravan & Camping Sites in Puerto de Mazarron
CD, DVD & Game Shops in Puerto de MazarronCleaners in Puerto de MazarronCommercial Property in Puerto de MazarronDJs and Entertainers in Puerto de MazarronEstate Agents in Puerto de Mazarron
Furniture Shops in Puerto de MazarronHair & Nail Salons in Puerto de MazarronHoliday Rentals in Puerto de MazarronInterior Design in Puerto de MazarronKitchen & Bathrooms in Puerto de Mazarron
Land For Sale in Puerto de MazarronLong Term Rentals in Puerto de MazarronMortgage Services in Puerto de MazarronPrinters & Graphics in Puerto de MazarronProperty For Sale in Puerto de Mazarron
Rental Agents in Puerto de MazarronSoft Furnishing Shops in Puerto de Mazarron

Puerto Lumbreras
(find Puerto Lumbreras on the Murcia Map)
Antique Shops in Puerto LumbrerasBanks in Puerto LumbrerasBed & Breakfast in Puerto LumbrerasChurches in Puerto LumbrerasDentists in Puerto Lumbreras
Holiday Rentals in Puerto LumbrerasHotels in Puerto LumbrerasLand For Sale in Puerto LumbrerasLong Term Rentals in Puerto LumbrerasProperty For Sale in Puerto Lumbreras
Specialist Services in Puerto LumbrerasSupermarkets in Puerto LumbrerasTown Halls in Puerto Lumbreras

(find Purias on the Murcia Map)
Banks in PuriasEstate Agents in PuriasLand For Sale in PuriasProperty For Sale in Purias


(find Roldan on the Murcia Map)
Accountants & Advisors in RoldanBaby & Maternity Shops in RoldanBanks in RoldanElectrical Shops in RoldanFurniture Shops in Roldan
Property For Sale in RoldanProperty Management in RoldanRestaurants in RoldanSpecialist Services in RoldanSupermarkets in Roldan
Vets in Roldan

San Cayetano
(find San Cayetano on the Murcia Map)
Long Term Rentals in San CayetanoProperty For Sale in San Cayetano

San Javier
(find San Javier on the Murcia Map)
Banks in San JavierCaravan & Camping Sites in San JavierDIY/Hardware Shops in San JavierFashion & Clothing Shops in San JavierFurniture Shops in San Javier
Health, Diet & Beauty in San JavierHoliday Rentals in San JavierHospitals in San JavierInsurance Services in San JavierKennels & Pet Services in San Javier
Lingerie Shops in San JavierLong Term Rentals in San JavierPrinters & Graphics in San JavierProperty For Sale in San JavierProperty Inspection Tours in San Javier
Shopping Centres in San JavierSupermarkets in San JavierTourist Information in San JavierToy Shops in San JavierTravel Agents in San Javier

San Pedro del Pinatar
(find San Pedro del Pinatar on the Murcia Map)
Banks in San Pedro del PinatarCleaners in San Pedro del PinatarDIY/Hardware Shops in San Pedro del PinatarHealth, Diet & Beauty in San Pedro del PinatarHoliday Rentals in San Pedro del Pinatar
Metal Work in San Pedro del PinatarNight Clubs in San Pedro del PinatarPrinters & Graphics in San Pedro del PinatarProperty For Sale in San Pedro del PinatarSoft Furnishing Shops in San Pedro del Pinatar
Supermarkets in San Pedro del PinatarTourist Information in San Pedro del PinatarWindows, Blinds & Awnings in San Pedro del Pinatar

Santiago de la Ribera
(find Santiago de la Ribera on the Murcia Map)
Alternative Medicine in Santiago de la RiberaBanks in Santiago de la RiberaBars & Cafe Bars in Santiago de la RiberaBeach Bars & Chiringuitos in Santiago de la RiberaChurches in Santiago de la Ribera
Commercial Property in Santiago de la RiberaJewellery/Accessory Shops in Santiago de la RiberaLong Term Rentals in Santiago de la RiberaMarinas in Santiago de la RiberaMedical Centres in Santiago de la Ribera
Property For Sale in Santiago de la RiberaProperty Management in Santiago de la RiberaSpecialists in Santiago de la RiberaSports & Sportswear Shops in Santiago de la RiberaTourist Information in Santiago de la Ribera

(find Santomera on the Murcia Map)
Banks in SantomeraCar Dealers & Repairs in SantomeraEquipment Hire in SantomeraFurniture Shops in SantomeraProperty For Sale in Santomera
Soft Furnishing Shops in SantomeraSports & Sportswear Shops in SantomeraSupermarkets in SantomeraTravel Agents in Santomera

(find Sucina on the Murcia Map)
Banks in SucinaChurches in SucinaHoliday Rentals in SucinaLong Term Rentals in SucinaProperty For Sale in Sucina
Specialist Holidays in Sucina

Torre Pacheco
(find Torre Pacheco on the Murcia Map)
Banks in Torre PachecoFashion & Clothing Shops in Torre PachecoFurniture Shops in Torre PachecoHair & Nail Salons in Torre PachecoHoliday Rentals in Torre Pacheco
Insurance Services in Torre PachecoLanguage Schools in Torre PachecoLong Term Rentals in Torre PachecoNight Clubs in Torre PachecoPhotographers in Torre Pacheco
Premises To Let in Torre PachecoProperty For Sale in Torre PachecoRestaurants in Torre PachecoSolicitor & Abogados in Torre PachecoSports & Sportswear Shops in Torre Pacheco
Supermarkets in Torre PachecoVets in Torre PachecoWindows, Blinds & Awnings in Torre Pacheco

(find Totana on the Murcia Map)
Banks in TotanaBook Shops in TotanaCinemas in TotanaElectrical Shops in TotanaEstate Agents in Totana
Fashion & Clothing Shops in TotanaHotels in TotanaInsurance Services in TotanaInternet Cafes in TotanaLand For Sale in Totana
Metal Work in TotanaNight Clubs in TotanaProperty For Sale in TotanaProperty Management in TotanaRestaurants in Totana
Supermarkets in TotanaTourist Information in Totana

(find Yecla on the Murcia Map)
Alternative Medicine in YeclaBanks in YeclaBars & Cafe Bars in YeclaBuilding Services in YeclaCars & Bikes For Sale in Yecla
Dentists in YeclaDIY/Hardware Shops in YeclaElectrical Shops in YeclaEstate Agents in YeclaFashion & Clothing Shops in Yecla
Furniture Shops in YeclaGift & Novelty Shops in YeclaHealth Shops in YeclaHealth, Diet & Beauty in YeclaHomeware Shops in Yecla
Insurance Services in YeclaNight Clubs in YeclaOpticians in YeclaPharmacies in YeclaPhotographers in Yecla
Printers & Graphics in YeclaProperty For Sale in YeclaRestaurants in YeclaSoft Furnishing Shops in YeclaSpecialists in Yecla
Sports & Sportswear Shops in YeclaSupermarkets in YeclaTravel Agents in YeclaVets in YeclaVideo & DVD Rentals in Yecla


Accountants & Advisors
Asesoria Pliego Tax Accountants Credit ServicesDolera y Cia Consultores SL AccountantsSilvente AsesoresSR Accountancy

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Alternative Medicine
Aspirations Cave House RetreatCentro de Reconocimientos Medicos de EmpresaClinica Fisioterapia MedimarHealing Mar MenorMa. Ascension Rubio Rodriguez
Massage 4 AllOrtopedia Yecla

Antique Shops
Anticuario José JuliánAntigüedades Las AnasDiego Reinaldos Miras y Otras C.B.ManaMudanzas La Torre
Yelmo Antigüedades S.a.

Art & Craft Shops
Hand made cardsPapeleria de Cuba for ornaments, decorative objects and art supplies

Artists & Galleries
GigarpeKim GalleryNew Style Art InternationalRetratos de familia, Primera Comunión, Graduaciones, Boda, Aniversario, Mascota y NegociosSalzillo Artes Plasticas
T 20

Baby & Maternity Shops
Caricias Baby SuppliesRincon del Bebe - maternity and infant furniture and equipment

Bancaja Savings BankBanco de ValenciaBanco de ValenciaBanco de ValenciaBanco de Valencia
Banco de ValenciaBanco De Valencia BankBanco Popular BankBanco Popular BankBanco Popular Bank - Aguilas
Banco Popular Bank - AlcantarillaBanco Popular Bank - Alhama de MurciaBanco Popular Bank - ArchenaBanco Popular Bank - Avendia de Alfonso XIII, CartegenaBanco Popular Bank - Avendia General Gutierrez Mellado, Molina de Segura
Banco Popular Bank - Avendia Literato Azorin, YeclaBanco Popular Bank - Avenida Abenarabi, Murcia CityBanco Popular Bank - Avenida Aguila Imperial, MazarronBanco Popular Bank - Avenida Constitucion, MazarronBanco Popular Bank - Avenida de la Estacion, Torre-Pacheco
Banco Popular Bank - Avenida de Sandoval, San JavierBanco Popular Bank - Avenida del Generalísimo, San Pedro del PinatarBanco Popular Bank - Avenida Fontes, Torre-PachecoBanco Popular Bank - Avenida Libertad, Murcia CityBanco Popular Bank - Avenida Parroco Antonio Lopez Martinez, San Javier
Banco Popular Bank - Avenida Reina Victoria Eugenia, CartagenaBanco Popular Bank - BalsicasBanco Popular Bank - BullasBanco Popular Bank - Cabezo de Torres, Murcia CityBanco Popular Bank - Calle Bucarest, Cartagena
Banco Popular Bank - Calle Corredera, LorcaBanco Popular Bank - Calle de Juan Ortuno, YeclaBanco Popular Bank - Calle Floridablanca, LorcaBanco Popular Bank - Calle Foridablanca, Murcia CityBanco Popular Bank - Calle Mayor 104, Murcia City
Banco Popular Bank - Calle Mayor 71, Murcia CityBanco Popular Bank - Calle Mayor, CartagenaBanco Popular Bank - Calle Traperia, Murcia CityBanco Popular Bank - Caravaca de la CruzBanco Popular Bank - Carretera Madrid-Cartagena, Molina de Segura
Banco Popular Bank - CeheginBanco Popular Bank - CiezaBanco Popular Bank - JumillaBanco Popular Bank - La MangaBanco Popular Bank - Los Alcazares
Banco Popular Bank - MulaBanco Popular Bank - Paseo Alfonso XIII, CartagenaBanco Popular Bank - Plaza Constitucion, San Pedro del PinatarBanco Popular Bank - Plaza de la Region Murciana, Molina de SeguraBanco Popular Bank - Plaza Del Ayudante Fernandez Ballesta, Mazarron
Banco Popular Bank - PliegoBanco Popular Bank - Poligono Industrial Oeste, Murcia CityBanco Popular Bank - Puente Tocinos, Murcia CityBanco Popular Bank - Puerto LumbrerasBanco Popular Bank - Totana
Banco Sabadell CAM BankBanco Santander BanestoBank of Valencia, S.A.BBVA
BBVABBVABBVACaixa CatalunyaCaixabank LaCaixa
Caixabank LaCaixaCaixabank LaCaixa BankCaja MadridCaja MurciaCajamar Caja Rural Bank
Cajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural Bank
Cajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural Bank
Cajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural Bank
Cajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural Bank
Cajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural Bank
Cajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural Bank Cajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural Bank
Cajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural Bank
Cajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural BankCajamar Caja Rural Bank
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avendia de la FamaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida BruselasCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida de la ConstitucionCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida de los Jeronimos Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida de Madrid
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida del ProgresoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida EstacionCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Gutierrez MelladoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Juan Carlos ICajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Juan Carlos I
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Juan VineglaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Miguel de CervantesCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Murcia Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Oltra MoltoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Parroco Antonio Lopez Martinez
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Pio XIICajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Principe de AsturiasCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Principe de AsturiasCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Reina Victoria Eugenia Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida San Gines
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Tierno GalvanCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida Torre PachecoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Avenida VeneciaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Alfonso XIIICajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Amatista
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle BalearesCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle CarmenCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Carmen Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle CartagenaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Condestable Lopez Davalos
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle de Fernando de MagallanesCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle De la IglesiaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle de la Marquesa Villa de San RomanCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Del PinoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Doctor Fleming
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Dos de MayoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle El MolinoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Francisco SalzilloCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Fuerzas ArmadasCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Hermanos Machado
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Joaquin RodrigoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Juan FernandezCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle La ViaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Luis de GongoraCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Mayor
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle MayorCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle MayorCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Mayor 126Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Mayor 15Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Mayor 176
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Mayor 48Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Mayor 51Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Mayor 65Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle MejicoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Moncayo
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Monteazahar Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle OSheaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle PaseoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle PeroninoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Pintor Almela Costa
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Princesa Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Quevedo Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Rafael MarotoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle RuiperezCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Saavedra Fajardo 20
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle San Antonio Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle San JuanCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Calle Torre PachecoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Camino de VillaespesaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Caratera Alcantarilla
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Carretera a la UnionCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Carretera Barrio PeralCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Carretera de la AlmenaraCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Carretera de la PalmaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Carretera de los Alporchones
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Carretera de los AlporchonesCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Carretera FuensantaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Carretera GranadaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Carretera LorcaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Gran Vía
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - La UnionCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Paseo Duques de LugoCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Paseo Marques de CorveraCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Plaza Cardenal Belluga Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Plaza Circular
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Plaza de EspanaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Plaza de la IglesiaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Plaza de la Regin MurcianaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Plaza de Manuel ZamoraCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Plaza de Molina
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Plaza Doctor EstradaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Plaza Juan de la CiervaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Plaza Luis Fontes Pagan Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Plaza Santa EulaliaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Puerta del Sol
Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Rincon de SecaCajamar Caja Rural Bank - Ronda de Garay Cajamar Caja Rural Bank - Travesia GeronimosCajamurcia - Gran ViaCajamurcia Bank
Cajamurcia BankCajamurcia BankCajamurcia BankCajamurcia BankCajamurcia Bank
Cajamurcia Savings BankCajamurcia Savings BankCajamurcia Savings BankCajamurcia Savings BankCAM
La CaixaLa CaixaLa CaixaLa CaixaLa Caixa
La Caixa Savings BankSantanderSantanderSantander Central Hispano BankSavings Society of the Mediterranean (CAM)

Bars & Cafe Bars
Bar CalnegreBar El JardinBar El PopoBar GuasaBar La Cabina
Bar Obrero the traditional spanish cooking restuarantBar Pension PipaCafe Bar AlexanderCafe Bar VeneciaCafe Coliseo
Café-Bar Sol Y MarCafeteria CatedralCafeteria ColoraoCafeteria OkeyCafeteria Reyamar
Casino de MulaCerveceria El CastilloEl ArcoEl HornoEl Pasito Cafe
Il Caffe Di RomaJ. Cavanaghs Irish PubJM Cafe BarPlonkersTaberna Lobo de Mar
The CeltTJ's barYOQUESE

Beach Bars & Chiringuitos
elZetaLa Terraza del Pardor del Mar MenorPescaderia de MiguelXanadu Kiosko/Beach Bar

Alemanes BeachArenal BeachBano de las Mujeres BeachBarnuevo BeachBolnuevo Beach
Cala del Pino BeachCalabardina BeachCalarreona BeachCalas de Calnegre BeachCiscar Beach
Colon BeachDe La Colonia BeachDel Arroz BeachDel Mojon BeachEl Carmoli Beach
El Castillico BeachEl Hornillo BeachEl Mojon BeachEl Pedruchillo BeachEl Pescador Beach
El Portus BeachEl Rincon BeachEl Vivero BeachEnsenada del Esparto BeachEstacio Beach
La Azohia BeachLa Carolina BeachLa Cola BeachLa Ermita BeachLa Higuerica Beach
La Mota BeachLa Puntica BeachLa Reya BeachLa Torre Derribada BeachLas Delicias Beach
Las Salinas BeachLas Tortugas Beach (Calarreona)Lebeche BeachLevante BeachLos Narejos Beach
Matasgordas BeachNares BeachPedrucho BeachPlaya La Pava BeachPoniente Beach
Puerto Bello BeachPunta Brava BeachPuntas de Calnegre BeachVillananitos Beach

Bed & Breakfast
Bed & Breakfast - AbajoCasa Oasis

Boat & Marine Sales
Honwave inflatable 4m boat with trailerJALOQUE MARINE

Boat & Yacht Brokers

Book Shops
BookiesBookshop DemosLibreria Real

Bowling Clubs
Bolera Las Sirenas

Builders & Joiners
Bau - Service BRUNERBob HayesCarpinteria de MaderaCity & Guilds Qualified General Builder (Spanish Registered)CM Construction
Doors and MoreFreedom BuildersFuente Property ServicesMantenimiento Integral del HogarO.J´s Building Services
Plus JoineryShamrock BuidersThe Flat Pack Man

Building Services
AlquipatAntumar Promociones Y ConstruccionBROA Architecture studioDistribuciones Y Materiales S.a.Ediris S.l.
Federacion Provincial De Empresarios De La ConstruccionFrancisco Hidalgo PintadoFrancisco Pellicer GalvezGutecIngenieria De Aguas Del Sur S.l.
Juan de Dios Muñoz S.L.Juan Jose Hernandez Ruiz S.l.Luis Olivares Consrucciones and PromocionesMorga Inversiones S.l.Roclano S.l.

Bus Services
Bus Station CartagenaEstacion De Autobuses Murcia

Businesses For Sale
Franchise Opportunity

Car Dealers & Repairs
Auto Cristal Ralarsa - Avenida Primero de Mayo - auto glass replacement car windows and windscreensAuto Cristal Ralarsa - Nonduermas - auto glass replacement car windows and windscreensAuto Cristal Ralarsa - San Gines - auto glass replacement car windows and windscreensAuto Cristal Ralarsa Aguilas - auto glass replacement car windows and windscreensAuto Cristal Ralarsa Caravaca de la Cruz - auto glass replacement car windows and windscreens
Auto Cristal Ralarsa Cartagena - auto glass replacement car windows and windscreensAuto Cristal Ralarsa Cieza - auto glass replacement car windows and windscreensAuto Cristal Ralarsa Jumilla - auto glass replacement car windows and windscreensAuto Cristal Ralarsa Lorca- auto glass replacement car windows and windscreensAuto Cristal Ralarsa Molina de Segura - auto glass replacement car windows and windscreens
Automoviles Santomera SL Cars and Commerical VehiclesJulio Hernandez QuesadaLopez Ortega Vehicle Servicing and RepairsMotorbikes PichurriTalleres Felix Conesa S.L.

Car Hire
acarinSpainEuropcarRent a Car Murcia, S.L.

Caravan & Camping Sites
Bellavista Camping and Holiday BungalowsCamping Las TorresCamping Los Delfines - Dolphin Camp SiteCamping Playa de Mazarron CampsiteCamping San Javier
Camping Site Sierra EspunaCaravaning La Manga Camping SiteHotel La Fuente Spa, Camping and BungalowsLos Madriles CampingNaturist Camping El Portus
Naturist Camping El Portus in traditional yurts

Caravans & Motorhomes
Caravan Senator Wyoming

Care & Nursing Homes
Brentwoodhome care

Cars & Bikes For Sale
Motos RuizSym Quadlander 250 Quad Bike. 11 months Warrenty

Panaderia Confiteria Jose AntonioPasteleria Katy

CD, DVD & Game Shops
BookiesCostaConsoles - Gaming In SpainThe Book and Video Exchange

Animal Care Treatment Internation Network ACTINJJ´s Puppy RescueNoah's ARC Animal Rescue

Childrens Clothing Shops
Baby Nubes Clothes and Equipment for BabyMerceria Paquita Lenceria Childrens Clothing and Knitting

Canteras ChurchCathedral of Santa MariaChurch of Santo DomingoDe San Mateo ChurchDe Santiago Church
Ex-Collegiate Church of San PatricioHermitage of the Purísima ConcepciónIglesia de la AzohiaIglesia de la CocepcionIglesia de la Purisima Concepcion
Iglesia de la SoledadIglesia del SalvadorIglesia San PedroParish ChurchParish Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Parroquia de Santiago ApostolParroquia Nuestra Señora del RosarioParroquia Reina de los ApostolesPARROQUIA SANTA MARIA DEL MARParroquial Church of our Lady of the Rosary
San Bartolome de LibrillaSAN ISIDRO LABRADORSan Migel ArcangelSanta Maria la RealSanta Maria Magdalena
Santo DomingoThe Church of St. Anthony of PaduaVirgin of the Rosary Church

Cine Alfonso XIIICine CentrofamaCine RexCine SalzilloCinema Velasco
Cines Multiplex Zig ZagTechnovideo D'cine

City Sec dry cleanerscosta-limpia Domestic & Commercial CleaningMarven Limpiezas en GeneralThebas Garden Center

Clubs & Associations
Cycling Club Ciclista La Alcayna-AltorrealFederacion Actividades Subacuaticas Region De MurciaFederacion De Colombicultura De La Region De MurciaFederacion De Deportes De Invierno De La Region De MurciaFederacion De Deportes Para Minusvalidos Psiquicos Fedemips
Federacion De Futbol Region De MurciaFederacion De Gimnasia De La Region De MurciaFederacion De Golf De La Region De MurciaFederacion De Hockey Region De MurciaFederacion De Judo Y Deportes Asociados De La Region De Murcia
Federacion De Montañismo De La Region De MurciaFederacion De Natacion Region De MurciaFederacion De Pelota Region De MurciaFederacion De Pesca De La Region De MurciaFederacion Española De Deportes Para Minusvalidos
Federacion Murciana De BaloncestoFederacion Murciana De BalonmanoFederacion Murciana De Tiro Olimpico Español

Commercial Property
This 100m2 UnitEstablished business + 3/4 bedroom house SALE / RENT

Computer Services
Alex Woods Computer ServicesBEEPCalida ComputingComputer ServicesDolphin Computer Upgrades Limited
sunny-pc Computer ServicesU.P.I.Virtualmur

Computer Shops
BeepCamposol ComputersMedia Markt - Ronda Sur - First for computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones in MurciaPC Computers S.L.VirtualMur

Nicla Property Consultancy - Estate agent & Builder

Currency Exchangers
EurochangeEurochangeIbersecurities Agencia Valores Y Bolsa S.a.Inverbrokers Europa S.l.Money Change
Vicente Artero Moya

Cycling & Cycle Hire
The Espuña Adventure

Day Trips & Tours
24 / 7 Airport CarsAiport Transfers & Day TripsCosta Blanca TransfersCosta Sports & LeisureGirotransfer
Kerry Services

Clínica Dental Angel HernandezClinica Dental Corbalan-Pagan DentistClínica Dental Dentist Angel Martin PerezClínica Dental Dentist Doctora MaricruzClinica Dental Rojas Dentist
Clinica Dental San JuanClinica el Rollo DentistCosmetic Dentist Estetica Dental Emilio GarciaDental Clinic Centro Dental El ValleDental Clinic Clinica Dental Corbalan-Pagan
Dental Clinic Clínica Dental EspinardoDental Clinic Clinica Dental EuropaDental Clinic Clinica Dental GalvezDental Clinic Clinica Dental ZafrillaDental Clinic Juan Jose Bleda Herrero
Dental Clinic Salmeron Cambra ClinicDental Medical Centre Centro Medico Virgen de la GuiaDental Practice Clinica Carmen Angel Rodriguez NarvaezDental practicioners Clinica Dental AMGDental Surgery Asensi Pastor
Dental surgery Clinica dental Doctor Enrique SandovalDentist Alexander CzechDentist Centro Dental RomeaDentist Clinic Clinica Dental Doctor Sergio Lopez LozanoDentist Clinica Buco-Dental Campoy
Dentist Clinica Dental AldenteDentist Clinica Dental Carmen Lopez BanonDentist Clinica Dental Castillo y CandelaDentist Clinica Dental Gomez SarabiaDentist Clinica Dental La Merced Murcia
Dentist Clinica Dental Laura FernandezDentist Clinica Dental Los Angeles del ValleDentist Clinica Dental Maria Piedad RamirezDentist Clinica Dental MediterraneoDentist Clinica Dental San Basilio
Dentist Clinica Dental Silvia Moreno BolarinDentist Clinica San JuanDentist Clnica Dental Edgardo Roberto CejasDentist Dental Clinic Clinica San BartolomeDentist DentalBite
Dentist DentimurDentist Francisco Javier Abellan MartinezDentists Clinic Clinica Dental Marta Lopez GarciaDentists Clinica Dental ActidentDentists Clinica Dental Fidentia
Dentists Clinica Dental Salvador Ortuno LaguiaDentists Dental Clinic Clinica Dental CaldentDentists Velez and Lozano, Clinica dentalMedical Centre and Dentist Clinica Dental La ConstitucionOrthodontist Dentist Ortodoncia Lingual Futuredent
Wellness Centre and Dental Clinica Alfonso X

Diving Centres
ATURASUBCabo Cope Diving CentreScuba Centre Estela

DIY/Hardware Shops
Articulos Y Ferreteria SotoBonaireBricolajes PuertoBriz Paint SuperstoreDefeluz
El Chollo VIFerreteria CarolFerretería Del SeguraFerretería Del SeguraFerreteria J Espin
Ferreteria LopezFerreteria Ruiz Ironmongers, Tools and Electrical GoodsFerretería Salvador S.l.l.Ferretería Sureste S.l.Ferreteria Verónicas S.l.
Ferreteria Verónicas S.l.Ferreteria Y Cerrajeria Antonio Sanchez CasadoFerriego S.L.Ferro Naval S.l.Ferroabeca
Ferroabeca Hardware ShopFerrodimaFlogarFrancisca Zapata MartinezGarcia Maroto Colado, P.
Jose Olmo HardwareMahessaVidal Martinez, J.p.Vigaceros S.a.

DJs and Entertainers
BB entertainmentsDJ/ Presenter available...Little Rock Band/The Mad Hatters Duomike petersRichie T
The Silhouettes Dance BandUpdating soon!

Electrical Shops
Avance Electrodomesticos S.l.l.Cuenca & Riquelme 2002 S.l.ElectraElectro Regalos for televisions, hi-fi, home cinema and electrical kitchen appliancesElectrocasion Montse
Electrodomesticos DiegoElectrodomesticos FernandezElectrodomesticos FranElectrodomesticos Palacios Y MasterElectroservicios Framen
Electroservicios Plaza S.a.Electroservicios Plaza S.l.Electroservicios SebaEuronics MoralesHodogarib S.l.
Javier Electro Hogar S.l.Kelvifrio S.l.ManezuelasNavedoVento Cb
Video Sonido Ortega S.l.

Construcciones Y Servicios Electricos S.c.l.Electric Workshop Repairs and Installations.Electrica Corvera S.l.Electricidad CampoyElectrofil Murcia S.a.
Enrique Martinez SanchezHome From Home C.B.Instalaciones Electricas Abdon Fernandez CutillasMartinez Ceron Jose ElectricianMontajes Electricos Alarcon S.l.
Montajes Electricos J Patricio S.l.Montajes Electricos Maiher S.l.Montajes Electricos Y Fontaneria AlbujonMosur Montajes Electricos S.l.Power Controls Iberica S.l.
Tecnoelec Instalaciones Y Montajes Electricos S.l.Tecnoelec Instalaciones Y Montajes Electricos S.l.

Emergency Contacts
ConsulatesCredit Card HotlinesEmbassies in SpainMajor EmergenciesTelefonica (Telephone)

Equipment Hire
Freedom MobilityMaquinaria Marcos Marin SA, Builders Plant Hire and SalesThe Hire Centre

Estate Agents
Acropolis InmobiliariaAsset Realty Inmobiliaria, S.L.Best House Grupo InmobiliariaCampillo InmobiliariaCasado Asociados Inmobiliaria
CostaOnline.netERA Hogar Unión Multiservices, S.L.Geinsa InmobiliariaGlobal Costa Calida S.L.Gogo Estates (Estate agents & Rental agents)
Grupo ConcordiaGrupo RV Inmobiliaria Cartagena, S.L.HogaresIBERSOL SPANISH HOMES S.L.Inges Gestion Inmobiliaria
Inmobiliaria ArabiInmobiliaria El CastilloInmobiliaria Herrero, S.L.Inmobiliaria MediterraneoInmobiliaria Piqueras
Inmobiliaria RodenasInmobilorcaInmotasaISNOE Gestion InmobiliariaJuan Marin
Look and FindLos Arcos InmobiliariaPaladium Gestion InmobiliariaPRIMERA LINEAReef Inmobiliaria 3000
Rural CorporationsSoyma Inmobiliaria

Expatriate Services
Fully Qualified English CarpenterInformation for residents and touristsPolaris World Condado De Alhama ServicesSpecialist Interpreter

Fashion & Clothing Shops
Alhama Nicolas Jose AngelAmadisArckitoureAtavio C.b.Atrevete
AzuayC&A quality clothing for men and women of all agesC&A quality clothing for men and women of all agesC&A quality clothing for men and women of all agesC&A quality clothing for men and women of all ages
CarbonellCoquetD'tallesDakotaDaypunt S.l.
De CalleDressEclipse Moda Urban Fashion ClothingElena Pagan CarrilloEstilo & Basico
FaymaFerial Moda S.l.GlobeGuyz N DollzHelma
HungaroIsabel Guevara SanchezJesus Bastida CarrilloKeira BoutiqueLeandro De La Cruz
MinervaMiriñaqeModa EspecialModas LoliModas Maria Teresa
Modas MercheMoonOkimOroxoro S.l.Quasimodo
Ranu Modas S.l.Ruiz Gracia, G.m.Salvatore Trading S.l.SandanaSela Xativa
SOS Boutique Ladies FashionSotobocheVodelYarinceZara

Florists & Garden Centres
Alejandro Marin S.l.Azalea Garden Center S. L.Azalea Garden Center S.l.Centro De Jardinería Eco-florCosta Azahar S.l.
Desarrollos Paisajisticos S.l.l.Florist Los ClavelesFloristeria Fernando Hijo S.l.G &M JardineriaGardengreen
Horticultura Aljufia S.l.Jardineria MediterraneoJardines De MurciaJose Nicolas GarciaLidia Flor
MayuyoObras De JardineriaSermoplantViveros Y Flores De Patiño

Flying & Aero sports
Picture Vistas

Funeral Directors
Golden Leaves Funeral Plans

Furniture Shops
Circulo Muebles at Muebles Titi Deseno - furniture for the homeColchones Dulces SuenosColchones Dulces Suenos - Calle Antonio MondejarColchones Dulces Suenos - Calle FloridablancaColchones Dulces Suenos - Calle Isaac Albinez
Colchones Dulces Suenos - Calle Puerta NuevaColchones Dulces Suenos - Molina de SeguraDFS Spain | Direct Furniture SpainEasy OptionsEiten
ForespanFurniture PlusFurniture PlusFurniture4everyhome comGlamur Mobiliario
IdeasIkea MuricaJogarMis MueblesMobiliario Valverde
Muebles Antonio Jose Furniture and Decorations for the homeMuebles Conchi your local furniture shopMuebles El RebajonMuebles Julian SL Furniture for the homeMuebles Paco Caballero S.l.
Muebles RiveraPeymarRoca Muebles Furniture for bedrooms, living and dining roomsSiesta Group Home & Garden FurnitureThe Furniture Store
The Singular Kitchen - Everything about kitchensTrio Mobiliario S.l.Veronica Santos Brandys

Garden Services
Ben Parfitt Landscapes SLCanovas OlivoCosta Calida Digger and Driver Hiregarden servicesKeypeople
Mantenimiento y Montaje de JardinesThebas Garden CenterTimberhouses TurreVergel Garden Serices

Gift & Novelty Shops
AsiBazar OrientalCasa ColorD'CostaDecapricho
Desvan Del RegaloDharmaM'enkantaM'enkantaMercado China
Poems of DistinctionRegaloestar,s.lRiver Of Presents S.l.

Golf Courses
Altoreal Golf ClubClub De Golf Torre PachecoHacienda del Alamo GolfLa Manga Golf ClubLa Serena Golf
La Torre Golf ResortLas Terrazas de La Torre Golf ResortMar Menor Golf ResortMosa Trajectum Golf ClubRoda Golf

Multisports Centre Fernando GarridoMunicipal Multisport ComplexSports Complex Europa

Hair & Nail Salons
Cut & DriedEsmereldaHairportMaria JesusPeluqueria
Peluqueria 3V - Hair and nails by AngelPeluqueria SalvaSonia Peluquera

Health Shops
Herbodietetica NatusylHerbolario Dietetica IntergralHerbolario La UnionNatur House

Health, Diet & Beauty
Angel Evaristo Martinez RamirezAntonio Luis San Nicolas LopezAntonio Serrano JimenezBernar Quiles, S.Dragon's Club
Fructuoso Piqueras, M.Gonagym S.lGym Tircargo S.l.lHidalbros S.l.Jose Antonio Liza Arce
Kiko Make Up Milano Cosmestics and CareKiko Make Up Milano Cosmestics and Care - Centro Comercial Dos MaresKiko Make Up Milano Cosmestics and Care - Centro Comercial Parque AlmenaraKiko Make Up Milano Cosmestics and Care - Centro Comercial ThaderKiko Make Up Milano Cosmestics and Care - Centro Espacio Mediterraneo
Maria Del Carmen Pomares PastorPlanet FitnessPryorem, S.l.Quo Fitnes Club Cabo De Palos S.l.Quo Fitness Club
Sport MuscleSport MuscleStar Dragón S.l.Victor Manuel Sanchez MoralesYeon Hee Lee Ryo

Heating & Solar
Cero Grados SurCompañia Regional De Energia Solar S.l.Ecosol Energía SolarEnergias Murcia S.c.Ifran
La Tienda De La Energia SolarNeater Heater Convector panel Heaters from NorwayP.j.s. Proyectos E Instalaciones S.l. -Sol Sureste S.l.Solarium Energias Renovables

Hiking & Climbing
The Espuña Adventure

Holiday Rentals
Holiday rentals

Homeware Shops
Lamparas AforSandaloTerciopelo

Horse Riding & Racing
Finca Herradura

Hospital ArrixacaHospital De La Cruz RojaHospital De MolinaHospital General Reina SofiaHospital Los Arcos
Hospital Morales MeseguerHospital Quirurgico De DiaHospital USP San Carlos MurciaOrto - Hospital S.l.Santa Maria del Rosell Hospital

Hotel Cala RealHotel Don Juan - Spa & ResortHotel Los CamionerosHotel Los HabanerosHotel/Restaurant Madrid
L'Azohia HotelNH Amaltea HotelOasis Las Palmeras Apartment RentalsParador of Puerto LumbrerasVilla Ceuti Hotel and Restaurant

Insurance Services
Almudena Compañia De Seguros S.a.Alvaro Joaquin Alcaraz PaganAsemas Mutua De Seguros Y Reaseguros A Prima FijaAXACotes
Egea & Mondejar Agencia De Seguros Generales S.l.Insurance brokerLa Union Alcoyana Seguros Y ReasegurosMAPFREMAPFRE
MAPFREMapfre Insurance BrokersOcaso Seguros y ReasegurosPrevisora BilbainaReale Seguros Insurances
Seguros Catalana OccidenteSeguros ImperioSeguros Meridiano Insurance BrokersUnbeatable CAR & HOME InsuranceVitalicio Insurance
Vitalicio Insurance

Interior Design
Andres Bru RipollAndres Checa AndresAngel Luis Gonzalez GarciaAntonio Del Bello MartinArquitecturas Torres Nadal
Colegio Oficial Diseñadores De Interiores De MurciaDiseño Arquitectura Y Tecnologia Consultores S.l.Jose Luis Vera AledoJuan Carlos Cartagena SevillaJuan Luis Ballesteros Galante
Laencina TrasandesLorenzo Ferrer MarinMariano Ruiperez AbizandaMateos Diaz-roncero, J.Miguel Iracheta Aguilar
Pablo Godinez Ruiz-asensio AlbentosaPedro Pan Da TorreSanfroTrinitario Garceran Roca

Internet Cafes
Camposol ComputersCiber Cafe ArrobaLondon Internet/Translation Service

Items Offered
Anti-Weed Membrane

Jewellery/Accessory Shops
Bhetrjoy De Joyeria Jose LuisFrancisco Jose Bernal SolerFrancisco Lucas SolerFretsia
Joaquin Garcia LealJose Luis Mullor LezanaJose Maria Diaz Almagro S.l.Joyeria AdarveJoyeria Antonio Enrique Olivares
Joyeria Antonio Enrique OlivaresJoyeria PaezJoyeria Skema OroLuxenter ShopsM J Joyeros
Molina Del Alba, M.Muñoz JoyerosMuñoz JoyerosMuzoOlivares & Franze Distribucion
Palacio Del OroPedro Cruz SolerPepe Martinez JoyerosPlaticaRuiz Bastida Jewellery and Watches
The Jewel HutValunion S.a.

Job Seekers
driver/chauffeurEmployment requiredExcellent Administrator Seeking Work In MurciaExcellent Golfer looking for Steward Positionjimandkirsty
Lived and worked in Murcia 12 yearsLooking for workLOOKING FOR WORK IN AND AROUND MURCIA. Very skilled, takes on any challenges.Male 42 seeks employmentNVQ level 3 carer/support worker
Relocating to Murcia Nov 1st 2014 - Job SeekingWant English conversation lessons?

Jobs & Job Vacancies
Job VacancyManage your weight and Earn at the same timePart Time Sales Person

Kennels & Pet Services
Zoo Mania

Kitchen & Bathrooms
Albamar CocinasAlbamar CocinasAlejandro Lacarcel Barcelo Y Jose A.lopez Rubio C.b.BathconceptsCocina Actual
Cocina Y Baños GemaCocina Y Baños GemaCocinas De Hoy España S.l.Cocinas Gran ViaCocinas Martinez Perez S.l.
Cocinas Vivo Kitchen FurnitureCordillera Sur Baños S.l.Espacio Baño Y CocinaFormasI.t.k.cocina S.l.
JogarKeys DiseñoKomercan Puertas De CocinaMaria Del Carmen Meseguer TorranoMasco Mobiliario
Mobiliario ReinaMorga Muebleria Del Baño S.l.Muebleria Del Baño Cabezo De TorresMur CocinaNumancia
Rose Watch S.l

Language Schools
Academia De Ingles MaralApple Idiomas S.l.Big Ben IdiomasCentro de Estudios Europeos English SchoolCommunity
Connecting English & Computer S.l.Dominic IdiomasEnglish Centre S.l.Fluency IdiomasIber School Center
InlinguaInterlange IdiomasMarlowe Centre IdiomasPlaza AcademyShamrock Idiomas
Star English Academia De Ingles

Legal Advice
Making a Will in Spain

Lingerie Shops
Legs and Co - UK sized and branded lingerie, swimwear and sleepwearWomens Secret - Underwear and SleepwearWomens Secret - Underwear and Sleepwear - Calle Gran Via Escultor Francisco SalzilloWomens Secret - Underwear and Sleepwear - Centro Comercial Aguilas PlazaWomens Secret - Underwear and Sleepwear - Centro Comercial Atalayas
Womens Secret - Underwear and Sleepwear - Centro Comercial Dos MaresWomens Secret - Underwear and Sleepwear - Centro Comercial Espacio MediterraneoWomens Secret - Underwear and Sleepwear - Centro Comercial Nueva CondominaWomens Secret - Underwear and Sleepwear - Centro Comercial Parque AlmenaraWomens Secret - Underwear and Sleepwear - Centro Comercial Thader
Womens Secret - Underwear and Sleepwear - Centro Comercial Vega PlazaWomens Secret - Underwear and Sleepwear - Parque Comercial La NoriaWomens Secret - Underwear and Sleepwear - Plaza Jose Esteve y Mora

Living in Spain
A DenunciaBuilding LicenseDriving in SpainImporting a carNew driving laws
NIE numberResidencyRobberies & theft

Locators & After Sales
Grapevine PropertiesVillaFinders Costa Calida

Club de Regatas de MazarronClub de Regatas Santiago de la RiberaClub Nautico de Lo PaganClub Nautico de Los UrrutiasClub Nautico Dos Mares Marina
Club Nautico La IsletaDeportivo del Mar Menor Infanta CristinaPuerto de CartagenaPuerto Deportivo Mar de Cristal

Medical Centres
Bullas Health CentreCanteras Medical CentreCentro de Salud de Santiago de la RiberaCentro de salud Mar MenorMedical Centre Virgen de la Caridad

Metal Work
Aluminios MelillaAsesoria AlamoCerrajeria Sureste S.l.MahessaTalleres Valero
The ForgeWeld-Ex

Mobile Phone Shops
Apple iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

Mortgage Services
Caja Rural RegionalFinanfacilThe Mortgage Service Group

Motability Shops
Enjoy Life MobilityFreedom mobility

Motor Sports
The Espuña Adventure

Night Clubs
Alejandro Muñoz Gama De SouzaBuda BlueDiscoteca CallejonDiscoteca CapriDiscoteca Super Chuy's
Edificio CarrotsHeroga 2000 S.l.J.b. 4KabokiLos Angeles
Maricoco S.l.Montaca ClubPacha MurciaRemurocio S.l.Sala Universal
Segis Arroces S.l.SplashThe RadicalTuareg Gore S.l.venues wanted for hire

Office Services
Real Instalaciones

Central OpticaCorporacion Nueva OpticaGabineye Vision OpticaMulti Opticas AzorinOptica Belo S.l.
Optica CanterasOptica FontanaOptica Gran VisionOptica La Alcayna Opticians for eye tests, glasses and framesOptica Pre Vision
Optica San AndresOptica San PedroOptica SociedadOptimagenOptimil La Flota

Other Sports
Mazarron Bike HireSpinosa Kiteboarding

deco gracia S.L.EPDS painting contractorsEurotexFranverHandy Andy
Miguel Pult Painter and Y Perez S.l.Painting & Decorating ContractorsPinturamaPinturas Danco
Pinturas GonzaloPinturas Paco Martinez S.l.ProtamedSanizher S. L.Sonibru
Superdecor Murcia S.l.

Party Organisers
Molina Real Celebracions - Wedding Reception GroundsWedding Organisers - El Porton de la Condesa

Farmacia Barcelo Chemist PharmacyFarmacia Figueroa Chemist PharmacyFarmacia Garcia de Tiedra Chemist PharmacyFarmacia Gil Garcia Chemist PharmacyFaustino Albaladejo Olmos Chemist Pharmacy
Juana Fernandez Chemist PharmacyManuel Suárez OrtegaOptic Pharmacy

En Fin Serafin S.l.Estudio De Fotografia ZuñelFoto EstudioFotos El Puente S.l.Fotos Noguera
Item Audiovisual S.l.ManuMiriamPedreño FotosProducciones Videomed
SolerTaller Visual S.l.Unidad Movil Foto VideoVictoria FotografiaVideocolor Andreu
Zyan Laboratorio Fotografico Y Copisteria S.l.

Places of Interest
Calasparra Plaza de TorosCasa de los Condes de ArribaCasa Familia MunozDel Hornillo CornerEl Hornillo Landing Stage
Episcopal PalaceErmite de la Purisima ConcepcionHouse of CerdaLa Encomienda archaealogical museumLorca Castle
Los Baños de FortunaMar MenorMirador Corazon de JesusPlaza de EspanaRoman Amphitheatre
Sanctuary of Our Lady of the FuensantaSanta Elena TowerSierra EspunaThe Aguilas LighthouseThe Mazarron Mining Reserves
The Old Town HallThe Peral SubmarineThe Railway MonumentThe Tower of the HorsesTorre del Homenaje

24 - 7 MaintenanceCohiter S.l.Fontaneria Blas SanchezFontaneria Canovas S.l.Fontaneria Faus S.l.
Francisco Martinez Y Pardo S.l.Instalaciones MoralesJ.a.s.Martyn The English PlumberPaco Crespo
Raimund WilckeReparaciones Del HogarReparaciones EgeaUniservicios

Pools, Spas & Pool Services
Camposol PropertiesEcological Pool Systems s.lHome From Home C.B.Platinum Pools (Spanish Registered) Pool ConstructionSea-klear
SMS Swimming Pool Maintenance ServicesSwimming Pool Construction & Tiling, Alicante to MojacarThebas Garden Center

Premises To Let
Shop Premises for Let

Printers & Graphics
Antonio Nadal RomeroArtes Graficas Almagro S.l.Artes Graficas Yecla S.l.Asociacion De Empresarios De Artes Graficas Region De MurciaCarpena Garcia, P.
Compo-rapid S.l.Digicol Imprenta DigitalEmilio Egea Henarejos S. A.FotocardGraficas Alamo S.l.
Graficas BarcelonaGraficas Mariano C.b.Graficas MolinenseGrafisol S.l.Graphics Printing and Sign Writing
Imprenta Menorgraf Garcigraf S.l.j.disengraf S.l.La Gráfica Murcia S.l.Mar Menor Multimedia S.l.
PCs Grafic Art ProductsPCs Grafic Art Products S.l.Primera PrintingProalte De Cartagena S.l.The Print Shop
Torres Y Chaves C.b.

Property For Sale
Large Villa for sale Lorca

Property Inspection Tours
Links Property Iberia S.L.One Stop Real Estate service in Murcia, Spain

Property Maintenance
Europats Property ServicesWater Filters Spain

Property Management
Azure Property ManagementCooper EspanaKeyclean Property ManagementMurcia VillasPOPINS Property Management
Property Management SpecialistRentals Agent.Spick N Spanish Property ManagementTerry& julie property services

Property Rental Advice
Property Rental Advice

Property Sales Advice
Property Sale / Purchase Advice

Cartagena R.E.N.F.E. Railway Station

Removals & Storage
Alhama StorageExpress Iberia - Cheap Removals & Light haulageOvers International RemovalsThe first storage company in the coastal region of Murcia.Tomas Alcazar

Rental Agents
Apartamentos La MojoneraFincas CalabardinaSelector Vacaciones

Atico Pub Cocktail Bar and RestaurantAZUL MARINOBar Los GemelosBar Restaurant El PuertoBar Restaurant Tres Hermanas
Bolly Wood Indian RestaurantCafeteria Templo Cafe RestaurantCasa Herminio Spanish RestaurantCasa Pepe RestaurantCopo de Oro
El Albero RestaurantEl Asador Cafe and Steakhouse RestaurantEl Hornero RestaurantEl JumeroEl Mexicano Restaurant
El Molino RestaurantEl Patio Bar and Restaurant, fish and chipsGente de Pasta Italian RestautantJaipur Palace Indian RestaurantLa Parra
La PescaderiaLa Taperia del Sur - Tapas RestaurantLa Tartana RestaurantLa Tasca Del Tio Andres RestaurantMare Nostrum Restaurant
Meson Calderon RestaurantMeson de Jesus CalderonMeson de MariaMeson El Segoviano RestaurantMiras Restaurant
Mojos music, sports bar and restaurantPARASINDIANPizzaria La BambinataPizzeria - Burguer La PlazaPizzeria Ralonni Italian Pizza Restaurant
Restaurant Vita Nova traditional spainish menusRestaurante El VinagreroRestaurante la Cena RestaurantRestaurante PezuelaRestaurante Ramon
Rice and Tapas Restaurant La Terraza SLRste. Hiper ChinoSt.Clements RestaurantSTOP AND EATTELEBARCO
TelepizzaThe Anchor InnVenta El Descargador

Sailing & Surfing
Nautic Club La IsletaNautic Club Los NietosPepino's JetPortuskayak - learn and enjoy sea kayaking and canoeingRegatta Club

Sat TV, AC & Telecoms
Abad Vega Climatización S.l.Airblanc S.l.Aire Acondicionado BaqueroAirzone S.l.Alarclima S.l
Alco ClimatizacionAlpha SatAntenas DaguelCampillo Soler S. L.Carceles Lopez Canovas S.l.
Carlos Descals S.l.Clima Murcia S.l.Clima Sonair S.l.Climagas Sule S.l.Climalec World S.l.
Conducciones Climaticas S.l.DJT Electrical and Airconditioning ServicesE-SatEgea Climatizacion S.lFreedom Builders
FrihosaFrijamGaspar Moreno S.l.Jetair air conditioning & heatingJose Maria Abellan Muelas
Juan Antonio Sotomayor OrtigosaJuan De Dios ClimatizacionJuan De Dios Climatizacion S.l.KeypeopleLouis Harris
Norberto Alburquerque MartinezProinsemur S.l.Rainbow SatellitesSalvador Escoda S.a.Sevifrio Climatizacion
Tecni - Murcia S.l.Tecnimat Tv-s.a.t.Trrt Sistemas Ambientales S.l.Vifemur S.l.

Schools & Colleges
CevantesCollege of Agronomic EngineeringColorines Municipal Infant SchoolFaculty of Business StudiesFernando Garrido School
Francisco Caparros Primary SchoolHermanas de la Caridad de Nuestra Senora de la ConsolacionInfant and Primary School Felix Rodriguez de la FuenteInfant School of BolnuevoInstitute of Secondary Education Jimenez de la Espada
Mediterraneo - Infant and Primary Education CentreMunicipal Infant SchoolMusic schoolPolitechnic UniversityPopular University of Calasparra
Public School "Obispos García Ródenas"Public School La AcenaPublic school Principe de EspanaPublic Secondary SchoolSan Isidro education centre
Secondary College "J.Ibañez Martin"Secondary College "Prince of Asturias"Secondary Education College Las SalinasSecondary Education Institute Sierra Minera

Security & Alarms
AC SecurityAlarmas Sit S.l.Arteriego S.l.ChillidaNeox Pc
Seguridad GsvmSeguridad Y Control 2000 S.l.TecónTicotem E.t.t. S.a.Valverde Sistemas

Shoe Shops
Amarelle Murcia S.lAmarelle Murcia S.l.Araceli Tortosa VeraCalzados Mouzo MarsellaCalzados Zahara
Garcia Salcedo, J.Proyecto Moda Vilella S.l.Rosa Mª Noguera Campos Y Mercedes Diaz Romero C.b.San AndresSarria Perez, M.
Zancos ShoesZapateria Carmen DuranZapatos Artesanos De Elche S.l.Zavi Cheap S.l.

Shopping Centres
Centro Comercial Aguilas Plaza Shopping CentreCentro Comercial Atalayas Shopping CentreCentro Comercial Dos Mares Shopping CentreCentro Comercial Espacio Mediterraneo Shopping CentreCentro Comercial Mercadona
Centro Comercial Nueva Condomina Shopping CentreCentro Comercial Parque Almenara Shopping CentreCentro Comercial Thader Shopping CentreCentro Comercial Vega Plaza Shopping CentreEl Corte Ingles
El Corte InglesEroskiParque Comercial La Noria Shopping ParkParque Comercial Ronda Sur

Snagging & Inspection
InspectaHome Spain

Soft Furnishing Shops
Ascension Muñoz SanchezCortinahogar Santomera Curtains, Blinds, Upholstery materialsCortinas & Tapicerias H&DCortinas Jose S.l.l.Cortinas Rodolfo Y Paco
Cortinas VicenteGohé TelasLaura Alba CortinasLola Alcazar Cortinas Hojar, Curtains and CoversMachen Mediterranea S.l.
Mariposa Curtains - Made to measure curtains, soft furnishings and upholsteryOrenes Cortinas Y Decoracion S.l.l.ÓscarStorThe Yorkshire Linen Co

Solicitor & Abogados
Abogados Galvez & AndujarAbogados/BarristersAdv AbogadosAlfonso Ramon Cano SoubrierAlfredo De La Peña Diaz - Ronda
Carlos Laorden Y M. A. Abellan Abogados C.b.Compañia Iberica De ConsultingEl JuriscoElisa Carles CanomanuelGarrido & Banet S.l.
Ibañez AbogadosIurisconsulti S.l.Lopez Alcazar - Contreras Abogadosópez Graña AbogadosLópez Muelas & Melgarejo Abogados
Pedro Luis Andres Ruiz EscartinPep Campos Representaciones S.l.Pravia Abogados C.bUrbanistas Y Abogados

Spanish Tax Advice
Inheritance TaxLocal Town Hall RatesProperty TaxStamp DutyTransfer / gift tax
UK Inheritance TaxValue Added Tav (IVA)Wealth Tax

Specialist Holidays
Specialist holidaySpecialist holidays

Specialist Services
Finger Fighter Self Defence tuition and classesGolf InstructorSARONI, Managers & Keyholders in SpainThe Laminator

Dental ClinicGabinete de Estetica Encarna Beauty SalonIsabel Moreno

Sports & Sportswear Shops
Ciclos Vicea Bicycles and bicycle repairsCoronel TapioccaCoronel TapioccaDesnivel Snow SurfEquipamientos Deportivos SA Sport Equipment
MulaventuraRoman DeportesSky Jump Sport storeSPORTMARCHAThe Golf Shop
Todosport Paños

Butcher el CarpioCarrefour - Alfonso XIII - CartagenaCarrefour - Parque MediterraneoCarrefour - ZaraicheCarrefour Express - Los Alcazares
Carrefour Express - PinaresCarrefour Express- Lo PaganCarrefour Murcia - AtalayasCoviranDia Autoservicio Descuento
Dia SupermarketEl Arbol SupermarketLidl - AlcantarillaLidl - Avenida Juan de Borbon, Murcia CityLidl - Calle Gabriel Lujan, Murcia City
Lidl - Calle Molina de Segura, Murcia CityLidl - Calle Puesta de Sol, Murcia CityLidl - Molina de SeguraLidl - Molina de Segura, Norte-SurLidl - San Javier
Lidl - San Pedro del PinatarMercadonaMercadona Mercadona - AbaranMercadona - Aguilas
Mercadona - Alhama de MurciaMercadona - Cabo de PalosMercadona - Caravaca de la CruzMercadona - CartagenaMercadona - Cehgin
Mercadona - CiezaMercadona - CiezaMercadona - JumillaMercadona - La UnionMercadona - Lorca
Mercadona - Los AlcazaresMercadona - MazarronMercadona - Molina de SeguraMercadona - MulaMercadona - Murcia City
Mercadona - Puerto LumbrerasMercadona - Ronda SurMercadona - San JavierMercadona - San Pedro del PinatarMercadona - Torre Pacheco
Mercadona - TotanaMercadona - YeclaSanguiSuper OleSupermarket Supercerca Balsicas
Supermercado Dia SupermarketSupermercado Florimar SupermarketSupermercado Florimar SupermarketSupermercado JuanillaSUPERMERCADO UPPER
Upper - Self Service

AirportserviceAlfonso Caja MartinezAndres Madrid JimenezAsociacion Radio Taxi Campo CartagenaCelestino Vera Paredes
Gines Sanchez MorenoJesus Ruiz BarrioJose Antolinos SaezJose Aviles RosJose Boluda Boluda
Jose Carrillo MirallesParada De Taxis De Fuente AlamoPozo Estrecho Radio TaxiRadio Taxi MurciaRadiotaxi Molina De Segura
Ramon Garcia QuesadaSalvador Romero FernandezTaxiTaxi Alfonso Garcia GarciaTaxi Ceuti cab hire
Taxi FuentestaxisTaxis Bernabe Castellano GarciaTaxis City of CartagenaTele Taxi Lorca

Theme Parks
Lorca Workshop of Time

Tourist Attractions
Aguilas F.C. MuseumAngel ReinonArchaeological MuseumConcepcion CastleGuerra Theatre
La Conservera Museum of Modern ArtLa Manga GokartMuseo de Bordados del Paso Blanco - Embroidery MuseumMuseum of WineNaval Museum
Sanctuary Nuestra Senora de la EsperanzaSantuario de la CruzTheatre of Romea

Tourist Information
Municipal Office of Tourism of LorcaOficina De TurismoOficina De Turismo De CartagenaOficina De Turismo De CiezaOficina De Turismo De La Union
Oficina De Turismo De Los AlcazaresOficina De Turismo De Los NarejosOficina De Turismo De MazarronOficina De Turismo De MulaOficina De Turismo De Murcia
Oficina De Turismo De TotanaOficina De Turismo San Pedro Del PinatarOficina Turismo La MangaTourist Information Office

Town Halls
AledoAlhama de MurciaBullas Town HallCaravaca de la CruzCehegin Town Hall
La Union Town HallLibrilla Town HallLos Alcazares Town HallMulaMurcia Town Hall
Puerto Lumbreras Town HallTown Hall of LorcaTown Hall of Mazarron

AlguazasAlhama de MurciaArchenaBalsicasBeniel
BlancaBolnuevoBullasCabo de PalosCalabardina
CalasparraCalnegreCampos del RioCanterasCaravaca de la Cruz
El AlgarEl MiradorEl PortusEstacion de BlancaFortuna
Fuente AlamoIsla PlanaIslas MenoresJumillaLa Alcayna - Altorreal - Los Conejos
La AzohiaLa Manga Del Mar MenorLa ParroquiaLa UnionLas Torres de Cotillas
LibrillaLo PaganLorcaLorquiLos Alcazares
Los BelonesLos NarejosLos NietosLos UrrutiasMar de Cristal
MazarronMolina de SeguraMoratallaMulaMurcia City
PliegoPuerto de MazarronPuerto LumbrerasPuriasRicote
RoldanSan CayetanoSan JavierSan Pedro del PinatarSantiago de la Ribera
SantomeraSucinaTorre PachecoTotanaYecla

Toy Shops
Boys ToysCash Luci S.l.Euro - Merca LevanteHobby Modelismo S.l.Jos-ber Toys S.l.
Juguetes Dino S.c.l.Juguetes Toni S.l.JuguetilandiaManufacturas QuecosMis Juguetes
Pagan SportPamPanre S.l.Peluches LoyferToy Planet - A world of fun and games in Spain
Toy Planet - A world of fun and games in SpainToy Planet - A world of fun and games in SpainToy Planet - A world of fun and games in SpainToy Planet - A world of fun and games in SpainToy Planet - Avenida Reina Victoria Eugenia
Toy Planet - Calle CarmenToy Planet - Centro Comercial Dos MaresToy Planet - Centro Comercial Parque AlmenaraToy Planet - Centro Comercial Vega PlazaToy Planet - El Palmar
Toy Planet - Ronda Sur

Translation Services
Calida Homes Interpreting ServicesDestination Spain®Sonja MarksTranslaterTranslation and Business Services in Murcia

Travel Agents
El Corte InglesEspunaHAYAMediterranea De Viajes OpcTravel Mar
Viajes Olympia Mar S.A.Viajes San JavierViajes Sandratour Travel Agents

Centro Veterinario - Veterinary CentreCentro Veterinario San Roque VetsClinica Veterinaria Centro FaunaClinica Veterinaria Ceuvet vets and pet suppliesClinica Veterinaria Mediterraneo Vets
Dra. Francisca Aguilar ZapataHappy Pets Veterinary ClinicKat´s Place CatterySafracan - Vets for pets - Clinic and home medical visits - Pet supplies and careVeterinario Campeon
Veterinary Centre Canteras

Video & DVD Rentals
BerniD-CineDistribuciones MuñozGalaxiaGalaxia
GalaxiaMurciana De VídeoVideo Club 10Vídeo Club EspuñaVideo Mundo

Windows, Blinds & Awnings
Bryans BlindsDavisol MurciaEnrique Sanchez E HijosJoymaLas Ventanas
MorencollProyectos VentanasProyectos VentanasRafael Plásticos - ToldosSales Person Pt / Full
Toldos Cano GeaToldos GalianoToldos MorenoToldos MoroteToldos Murcia
Ventanas Mar Menor S.l.


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